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Most mornings you can find Robin Pierson and her rescue dog Savannah walking the beaches of Cape Cod searching for hidden treasures. To Robin, each broken shell and worn piece of driftwood is a beautiful find to be used in one of her unique pieces of art. 


A resident of Cape Cod, Robin left her corporate job in 2003.  “After losing 3 very important people in my life, I realized that life really isn't forever.  I needed to recover and that meant finding my true happiness."  Robin refocused and reinvented her life! She began studying decorative painting at the Rhode Island School of Design. Soon after she opened her faux painting and re-design business “Robin’s Nest Interiors”. 

One winter while living in St. Augustine, FL with the goal of developing her business in a warmer winter climate, Robin began experimenting with a new idea - decorative window art.  A trip to Key West and a chance participation in an art show began her journey into creating her wonderful pieces.   Now, Robin combines her love for decorative painting and window art into one.


Over time, Robin’s work has developed into more sophisticated pieces. From small picture frames to larger custom designs, many with a more functional use such as tables and mirrors.  Robin will take your “treasured” shells from a vacation or old jewelry from your mother’s jewelry box and create what she calls a “Memory Window”.   “People keep lots of things stowed away in boxes because, for sentimental reasons, they can’t part with them.  I take those treasures and incorporate them into a piece of art that they can enjoy every day." 

Robin's work has been described as unique, authentic and inspiring.  Suzie Nickerson, owner of Pentimento in Chatham, MA says "Whether it's a piece of window art or a unique piece of furniture, Robin creates from the heart!"  Her style continues to evolve.  You never know what she will create next!



"Remember, if you don't see my signature, it's not an "original"


Reflections by Robin

Cape Cod's "original" decorative window art!

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